UXO Staffing

Why Choose HL?

We will reduce your stress and enhance your project management efficiency.

HL is owned and operated by former senior US Military EOD Operators and UXO Technicians who are subject matter experts in determining the experience and levels of expertise needed to accomplish your mission. With over 50 years of military and industry experience, we will provide your EOD and UXO labor resources within 48 - 72 hours of the request. We maintain an extensive manpower resource database of vetted and verified experienced and qualified EOD and UXO labor resources. We take care of all the preliminary steps to securing your resource needs including recruitment and identification of staff; pre-hire medical screening and drug screening and background checks; E-Verify and citizenship validation; verification of training, certifications, and experience. We ensure only the best and most qualified staff are assigned to your important project and will replace staff at no cost to you should the need arise. Our value-added manpower resource management provides you with; cash flow management, reduced overhead and administrative resource needs, guaranteed labor management, and a host of other time management advantages.

What We Provide

We provide fully vetted, experienced, and DDESB TP 18 qualified UXO staff and US Military EOD Technicians at all levels.

  • EOD Technicians (Master EOD, Senior EOD, and Basic EOD)
  • Senior UXO Supervisors (SUXSO)
  • UXO Safety Officers (UXOSO)
  • UXO Quality Control Specialist (UXOQCS)
  • UXO Technician III
  • UXO Technician II
  • UXO Technician I
  • UXO Safety Escorts
  • Mechanical Equipment Operators
  • Ammunition Technicians

Certification & Training

We ensure all EOD and UXO staff are fully qualified and trained.

  • US Military EOD School
  • Certified UXO School
  • 40 Hour HAZWOPER
  • OSHA Physical for HAZWOPER
  • 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher
  • 8 Hours HAZWOPER Supervisor
  • US Navy MPPEH Certification
  • 10- and 30-Hour Construction Safety
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Control Course