H&L Environmental Services

H&L Environmental Services


It’s WHY we do it too…EOD and UXO survey and clearance operations require highly trained subject matter expertise, equipped with state of art equipment, performing work with the highest degree of safety and quality control.

HL ownership and executive management staff are graduates of the US Navy EOD School and accredited DDESB TP -18 compliant institutions and have decades of combined military and civilian munitions and explosives hazards response.

Our capabilities, qualifications, and experience provide safe and quality solutions to your challenges while maintaining cost efficiency to help you be competitive.

H&L Environmental Services, LLC is a Native American and Veteran owned small business founded by UXO and EOD Technicians who have successfully worked in the munitions response industry for years. It is currently going through the procedures necessary to be certified as an 8(a) and HUBZONE entity.

HL is fully capable of providing DDESB TP-18 UXO staff at all levels and successfully performing scope for UXO and environmental remediation.

HL can provide all manpower and materials resources for UXO survey and clearance to include; civil survey and mapping, military munitions site (MRS) boundary marking, site investigation and remediation, geophysical mapping support, vegetation clearance and brush cutting services. In addition to a full life cycle range of UXO survey and clearance management and performance HL is fully capable of providing solutions for military range remediation, emergency response for explosive hazards, construction support services (CSS) and UXO safety escort.

HL is fully capable of supporting commercial partners with UXO and explosive hazards risk assessment and reporting, site management with Senior UXO Supervisors (SUXOS), 3rd party site safety and quality control monitoring. HL has all certifications and permits to support clearance of military range targets and munitions debris and scrap, discarded military munitions (DMM) and completing inspection, management, certification, and disposition of material potentially presenting and explosive hazard (MPPEH) and material determined as safe (MDAS).