Octavius H Locklear

President/Chief Executive Officer

Octavius H. Locklear, a Native American from the Lumbee Tribe, grew up in the southeastern region of North Carolina.  For over thirteen years, Octavius has been an integral part of the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) industry, and has quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder.  In 2005, Octavius received his UXO certification and entered the workforce as a UXO Technician Level I. 

Over the years, Octavius worked extensively in his field of expertise, rising from a UXO Technician Level I to a UXO Technician Level III.  At this level, he became a team leader and was in charge of the well-being as well as the production of his team. 

Octavius has served in this capacity for over three years, and his team’s performance has always been exceptional.  In September 2017, while still working as a UXO team leader, Octavius established H&L Environmental Services LLC, a Small Native American enterprise.  Octavius has many years of invaluable experience and encompasses an extensive wealth of knowledge obtained through years of hard work and dedication. 

Bus Phone Contact: 910-674-1299