HL is fully capable and qualified to provide a wide range of UXO and explosive hazards remediation and risk reduction worldwide.  Working within the United States and working internationally have distinct and different operational requirements.   While licensing and permitting are different and the planning and organizing administrative support are more (or less) complex; the UXO and explosive hazards are mostly the same.  HL can fully support your company’s and organizations challenges and needs for  

Military Munitions Response (MRS) and Conventional Weapons Destruction (CWD) services anywhere in the world including post and active conflict zones, and military sites and training ranges.

• MRS Services in the Continental United States (CONUS), and territories.

All MRS work performed within CONUS on FUDS or active installations is governed by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and numerous state and federal regulations. We can fully support you with a life cycle planing, organizing, management, and performance of work regulated by CERCLA from early research and plans development, through regulator and stakeholder meetings, to operations response complete and final reporting.  Our services CONUS include:

• Vegetation and brush reduction and removal

We fully understand the challenges of dense vegetation and brush on a MRS and the impact to budget and schedules.  We also fully understand the environmental impact of negative and over reduction of vegetation on a site.  We will work with your team to determine the limits of valued added vegetation and brush reduction on your site and satisfy the federal and local natural resource requirements.  We help plan and manage these operations and provide the manpower and material resources to complete this work on time and within budget to include: qualified and experienced labor force managed my UXO technicians and equipped with weed-eaters, chain saws, chippers, all types of hand tools, and Heavy Equipment needed to perform task.

• CSS- Construction Support Services
• AA- Avoidance Activities
• ES- Escort Services

We fully understand your company or organization may or may not be experts in UXO and other explosive hazards.  But you have valuable contracts supporting work on FUDS or active installations within an area where the hazards may exists.  We will provide certified UXO Technicians to support your work, ensuring that your team and subcontractors can perform their task safely and efficiently, by avoiding UXO that may be present.

• SC-Surface Clearance of UXO

We will provide upfront planning and organizing for addressing surface clearance needs on properties suspected or known to have UXO contamination.  Our support helps you plan, budget, and schedule solutions to address your needs.  We will provide all UXO manpower and labor force needs along with all equipment, materials, and tools to safely perform survey and clearance of UXO from the surface of contaminated lands.

• SSC- Sub-Surface Clearance

As with Surface Clearance HL can provide all manpower and materials resources needed to complete sub-surface clearance of contaminated lands.

• CWD Services Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS)

HL is fully capable of supporting your organization internationally in post or active conflict zone host nations.  We fully understand the nature of ERW and explosive hazards in these locations.  We have extensive experience working with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and the complicated licensing, permitting, and accreditation process for working internationally.  Our COO has worked with many organizations including the DoS, DoD, United Nations, and local stakeholders in Afghanistan, Iraq, Australia, Vietnam, Laos, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Rwanda, Egypt, Chad, Philippines, and Japan to develop, organize, and implement comprehensive CWD and Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) Programs. We fully undertsnad the nature of working with the Host Nation and incorporate host nation resources and capacity into this work.  Our capabilities OCONUS includes providing manpower and material resources for:

  • Non-Technical and Technical Surveys of suspected ERW and landmine contaminated areas;
  • Battle Area Clearance (BAC) of ERW
  • Manual and mechanical clearance of landmines
  • Cluster munitions clearance
  • EOD
  • Survey and removal of Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons (SA/LW) disposition
  • Physical Security and Management of Stockpiles (PSSM)
  • Third Party Quality Assurance and Safety Oversight